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The Peachy Savage brand is energized with love for free and adventurous living.
The brand's inspiration comes from vibrant colors and bright prints from all over the world. 
Peachy Savage celebrates the diversity of this beautiful globe. 
Boho clutches, floral dresses, powerful tees and stunning earrings in a variety of colors and prints are combined.
The essence of the brand is feminine personality in all shapes and sizes. We stand for strong and supporting women, tender and tough, loving and delicate…
The heart and soul of the brand is an amazing worldly style with a witty twist. Ethnic and gypsy motives bring the spirit of freedom into everyday outfits.
The Peachy Savage collections combine clothes and accessories that are beautiful and functional at the same time. 
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Email: hello@peachysavage
Insta: @peachysavageshop